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Personal Tax

Consulting Services

A good tax accountant’s value goes well beyond providing solutions to tax and accounting issues. DTB Tax is proud to offer a broad range of consulting services to help your business grow. Although much of that we offer in this area is dictated by client need, some examples of these services are: Business Valuation, New Business Formation, Buying or Selling a Business, QuickBooks Training and Support, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bankruptcy Consultation, Divorce Consultation, and Investment Monitoring. As with all of our services, everything is dependent on your needs, issues, and concerns. Fill us in on the problem, and perhaps together we can determine a good solution.

IRS Representation

A call or letter from the tax authorities can be quite upsetting. Call DTB Tax to handle your tax situation for you. If you are facing difficulty resolving a tax matter with federal, state, or local authorities, we can offer advice and counsel on potential courses of action while also preparing and filing required forms on your behalf.

Accounting Services

We offer a complete range of professional accounting services including: Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis, Bookkeeping and Write-Up Services, Profit and Loss Statements, Accounts Receivable Management, Financial Forecasts and Projections, and Accounts Payable Management. Further, our firm is accustomed to preparing custom financial reports for internal management use. Our goal when providing Accounting Service goes beyond just paperwork. We strive to find ways to lower your expenses while maximizing your profit after taxes on every engagement that we undertake.

Tax Return Preparation

DTB Tax prepares and files all federal, state, and local tax returns for a myriad of entities including individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, and non-profits. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to prepare returns in multiple states if you have moved recently or work in a different state.

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