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Tax Return Preparation

Taxes are what we do. Tax work is all we do. Regardless of the jurisdiction, the type or the overall delivery… we can get your tax returns filed promptly and correctly. We are ready to stand by our work and will be pleased to take your tax work from inception to signature. Remember however, if your board needs one of the “Big Four” to sign your returns, we can still prepare your taxes for you and then you can contract any number of international accounting firms to review our work and sign the returns. Not only can this save your company money… it might save you time as well! Although questions will always be necessary in the preparation of your tax returns, we work hard to come in on time and under budget regardless of the size of the engagement. We’re more than just a tax preparation firm and we consider our people part of your team… we work for you and work hard to get your taxes just right!

Tax Planning

“Putting numbers in boxes” is a big part of your tax work every year, but planning a long term tax strategy and then following it is a very important piece of the tax puzzle that is far too often overlooked. Everything we do revolves around taxes, so it’s easier for us to take a tax point of view on any potential issue facing your company. Let us be your outsourced tax group working for and with your accounting and finance group. Having outside guidance from DTB Tax saves your accounting group time, your company money, and yourself a lot of potential headaches.

State and Local Tax Planning

Ok, so we all know that Uncle Sam is grabbing his share of your bottom line, but what about Uncle Sam’s little brothers and sisters? With all of those states holding their hands out for some of your hard-earned cash, how much thought are you giving to them? Do you really want to go through your nexus/apportionment situation with a fine-toothed comb? Do you have the time to research the Geoffrey case and its relation to YOUR Intellectual Property situation? Do you have time to read up on exactly what constitutes an entry into any given state? DTB Tax wants to do all of that for you! We almost always save the company far more money than it will cost in the SALT arena.

Financial Statement Disclosure Assistance

FASC 740 (formally known as FAS 109 and FIN 48) is only one of the many FASB statements/interpretations that, at least in part, are related to tax. With auditing firms being forced to take a “hands off” approach to your tax issues, it can be mind numbing to try to work through your deferred tax asset or current tax liability by yourself. Worse, if any of your tax numbers are challenged by your auditing firm…do you have the technical tax expertise to really back your number up? Gone are the days when almost any number with a 100% valuation would do…. It’s time to take the tax side of financial statement disclosure seriously.

IRS /DOR Representation

It’s not that you can’t handle any notice from the IRS or from a state DOR, it’s just where are you going to find the time? DTB Tax deals with various treasury departments on a daily basis. When you deal with these agencies that often, you learn how to handle notices, reviews, and audits as quickly and favorably as is possible. This is one headache that you can handoff to someone. Let DTB Tax act as your agent when the IRS or a state DOR comes calling.

Other Services


There is no way that we can list everything we offer to our clients on this webpage. Tax touches too many important facets of today’s business world. Almost every business is moving into the international arena… have you given any thought to your transfer pricing agreements and documentation? What about your corporate formation… is it the most beneficial one for your company when it comes to Uncle Sam, or would just a little tinkering save you big money in the near future? Regardless of what your tax problem is… give us a call and we’ll talk through it… if we can’t help you figure out a solution, it’s probable that we are already aligned with someone who can!

Joint Ventures


DTB Tax serves as a management group for various Joint Ventures with allied professional service firms. We also handle tax work for various not-for-profit ventures using tax sales as a vehicle to generate donations into their groups. Whether you were contacted by us, or you heard about one of our programs from a contact or business acquaintance, please give us a call today and see what DTB Tax can do for you.

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